Counselling for Women*

Counseling Center for Women* services

Phone: 030 – 927 47 07         

Counseling and intervention center for women* – all individuals who identify as female – fleeing domestic violence.

The risk of becoming a victim of violence and abuse is much higher in familiar, intimate social settings than in public.

Leaving an abusive relationship is a difficult step; feeling shame and fearing not being able to escape from the perpetrator are serious obstacles to overcome.

We offer counseling for women* looking to develop a violence-free outlook on their lives.


BORA Counseling Center for Women* services

  • telephone and face-to-face counseling for female survivors of domestic violence
  • support with financial matters
  • support with authorities
  • information on contacting police and taking legal action
  • support during appointments with government authorities, courts, the police, and other institutions
  • individual counseling and crisis intervention
  • short-notice and low-threshold therapeutic support
  • email counseling at beratung[at]
  • regular counseling chat (click here)
  • legal advice

All counseling is anonymous and free.

We speak German, English, and French.


We are:

  • a service provided by women* for women*
  • an intercultural team


We offer counseling for

  • female survivors of physical violence and/or psychological abuse who want to protect themselves
  • female survivors of sexual violence
  • women* in conflict concerning separation
  • women* whose children are survivors of sexual violence
  • relatives and friends supporting women* who are survivors of violence
  • female survivors of violence looking to start a new life
  • women* who have moved out of the Women’s Shelter


We arrange

  • referrals to shelters and emergency accommodation for women*
  • free legal counsel with a specialized female lawyer
  • referrals to specialized advice centers, crisis intervention facilities, female doctors, therapists, lawyers, and self-help groups


* all individuals who identify as female