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About us

BORA e.V. started to work in 1990. Initially this was made possible by the Protestant welfare organization Inner Mission/Diakonisches Werk of the former German Democratic Republic. Since 1996, BORA e.V. is solely responsible for the provision of services. It remains a member of the umbrella organization Diakonisches Werk Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Main Goals

  • BORA e.V. provides shelter for women and children who are immediately threatened by violence or suffered from violence in the past. BORA e.V. helps these women to get their rights in all ways possible.
  • BORA e.V. assists women and children in creating new perspectives for their lives.
  • BORA e.V. educates the public about the social and political preconditions for violence against women.
  • BORA e.V. fights against all forms of violence against women.

In accordance with these goals BORA e.V. works on specific tasks

  • BORA e.V. runs shelters for women and children, several follow-up programs, a counseling center and a coordinating office. These services provide professional counseling and assistance for women and children who have to deal with the physical, psychological, social, and economic consequences of violence. "Help to Selfhelp " and feminist advocacy are fundamental guide-lines of all BORA programs.
  • BORA e.V. educates the public about all forms of violence.
  • BORA e.V. creates networks with projects, organizations, and groups who work for similar goals.
  • BORA e.V. educates government agencies and public institutions on how to improve the fight for the rights of women and children suffering from violence.
Thirty-two women form the decision-making council ["Mitfrauenversammlung"] of BORA e.V. The Board of Directors consists of three women.


BORA e.V. is a non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.
Please indicate if you need a receipt for donations.

Please make donations out to:
BORA e.V., Bank für Sozialwirtschaft,
account # 33 28 300, bank code 100 205 00

You can also make donations via the internet.

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