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BORA – The Association

In 1990, Diakonisches Werk facilitated the start of the BORA shelter for women. Since 1996, it has been operated by BORA e.V. (registered association). The association is a member of Diakonisches Werk Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz

The association has set itself the following key objectives:

  • to provide shelter for women* and their children who have experienced violent situations and help them wherever possible to exercise their rights
  • to support women* and their children in developing new perspectives on their lives
  • to highlight the sociopolitical conditions that foster violence against women*
  • to fight any form of violence against women*

To attain these objectives, the association has taken on the following tasks:

  • Pursuing shelter projects for women* and their children, engaging in follow-up projects and institutions, offering counseling programs, and running a headquarters. In these projects and institutions, women* and children are counseled and assisted by competent staff, who support them in overcoming the physical, mental, social, and economic consequences of domestic violence. Based on the principle of helping people to help themselves, they are accompanied by feminist, partisan staff.
  • public relations work against violence in the broadest sense
  • establishing contacts to and cooperating with projects, organizations, and groups working towards the same goal
  • dialogue with authorities and public institutions to enforce the rights of the concerned women* and children

The general assembly of the association comprises 33 women; the board consists of three women.



The association is a recognized charity.
Receipts for charitable donations as recognized by the German tax office can be issued upon request.

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