Housing assistance for Women*

We are a team of female social workers and social pedagogues.

We advice and support

  • women* over the age of 18,
  • with and without children,
  • no matter their religion and nationality,
  • in all of Berlin.

We offer

Do you need help?

  • Are you experiencing violence at home?
  • Are you looking for an apartment?
  • Are you scared of loosing your apartment?
  • Do you have financial problems…
  • … or problems with a public office? (Jobcenter, social services, Immigration office)
  • Are you looking for a job, a German-language course or a training?
  • Do you have trouble understanding a letter and replying to it?
  • Do you have legal questions?
  • Do you have worries?
  • Are you feeling alone?

Then feel free to contact us by phone Tel: 030 – 962 48 490 or email: ambulantehilfen[at]frauenprojekte-bora.de

We can support you by applying for housing assistance (BEW/WuW) in accordance with §§ 67/68 Social Security Code XII (SGB XII) at the responsible welfare office.