what we offer

Housing assistance is provided for women* who have suffered domestic violence and need support in stabilizing their life situation after or during a separation.

Domestic violence leaves deep emotional scars and often has long-term effects on the lives of survivors. The longer they are exposed to this violence, the more complex the consequences may be. Homelessness is always a very difficult situation. When women* lose their homes or are worried about losing it due to separating with an abusive partner, their resources for handling the situation are often rather limited. We can support women* with our expert knowledge about their rights, suitable protective measures, and complementary assistance.

Our state-approved social workers have many years of experience in working with women* who suffered domestic violence. We closely cooperate with other institutions in the field.

Our activities are based on Section 67 f., Social Security Code XII, in conjunction with Section 75, Social Security Code XII, and comprise assisted living for individuals as well as the prevention and overcoming of homelessness.

We provide counseling, guidance, support, and assist you in:

  • clarifying your need for further assistance
  • securing basic needs
  • developing housing prospects
  • finding a suitable home
  • financial safeguarding
  • starting a language course
  • dealing with authorities
  • clarifying your personal and social situation
  • health matters
  • obtaining necessary documents and papers
  • reaching out to social counseling centers or other assistance services that can help you stabilize your situation.

The costs are covered by the respective welfare authorities. We are happy to assist you with the formalities.