Training for Professionals

Continuing training for staff at collective living quarters for refugees

Women and families accommodated in collective living quarters for refugees may also be affected by domestic violence. Often, they are in precarious life situations given that their right of residence is limited, their livelihood not secured, and direct access to support systems unavailable. Staff working with women and families are sensitized to the topic, trained, and informed of the options available to support survivors of domestic violence.

Objectives of the training:

  • raising awareness for, removing taboos about, and providing information on domestic violence by imparting basic knowledge (extent, causes, forms, consequences, violence dynamics, cycle of violence, myths, aspects specific to different cultures)
  • providing knowledge on the effects on children, how to proceed with due regard to child protection, access to the youth welfare support system
  • raising awareness for recognizing signs of domestic violence – professional and supportive approaches to the issue, strategies of broaching the matter with affected children and parents
  • providing information about assistance and support options as well as the relevant legal basics for protection from violence and child protection
  • reflecting on one’s own role and gaining confidence in how to act

Duration: 7 hours

The continuing training can be provided as part of a project or by request (for a fee).

If you are interested, please contact