Women’s shelter

Phone: 030 – 986 43 32

The BORA Women’s Shelter offers protection and support for women* fleeing violence.

  • The Women’s Shelter is open for women* regardless of age, income, religion, or country of origin.
  • We provide you with your own room. You can arrive anytime, day or night.
  • You can bring your children with you.
  • Women* stay at the shelter for free and on an entirely voluntary basis. They continue to live their normal, independent lives.
  • The shelter is a violence-free space.
  • Our address is confidential, so no one can find you.
  • Our all-female staff supports you and your children with any issue you might have.
  • We have a wheelchair accessible room for women* and children. They need to be able to provide for themselves, as we are unable to provide assistance.
  • Pregnant women* are given further support, if needed.

If you are in danger, immediately get yourself and your children to safety!
If you have time to pack a suitcase, here is a list of the most important things to bring to the Women’s Shelter.

*all individuals who identify as female