Life at the Shelter

The Building

The BORA Women’s Shelter is easily reachable by public transport.

The Shelter includes three hallways of residents’ rooms and an apartment-building. Each hallway has bathrooms and a nice communal kitchen. Each woman* lives in a room or small apartment for herself and her children. The individual rooms are furnished with beds, closets, a table and chairs, a personal refrigerator, and a sink.

There is a fitness room with equipment for all residents. In the spacious common room, you can watch TV or read.

The kitchen and common room are where the women* meet, talk, and spend time together. Here they can make new friends, laugh together, and see that they are not alone.

The Residents

The women* living at the shelter are very diverse. They are young and old, from all parts of Berlin, come from different cultures, and have a variety of occupational backgrounds.

Organizing Daily Life

Daily life is mostly organized by residents themselves. Once a week there is a house meeting during which new women* are welcomed and the cleaning schedule and phone service arranged.